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For 25 years, PSW has led healthcare innovation with the guiding principle of supporting the physician–patient relationship to improve quality of care. PSW’s diverse portfolio includes successful management of delegated risk contracts, launching a Medicare Advantage plan, standing up a national leading ACO and building the infrastructure to manage population health across all payer models.

Recognized for our collaborative approach, PSW seeks to meet our partners ‘where they are’ with a focus on engagement, data analytics and creating value for stakeholders. As an early adopter of moving population health to volume-to-value, PSW’s collective knowledge delivers the right tools and resources to ensure high-quality healthcare that is cost effective and drives successful patient outcomes.

PSW has deep knowledge and experience in healthcare management across multiple payers, physician groups and hospital systems providing an advantageous platform for our partners.

Understanding that successful population health management is payer agnostic, PSW developed and expanded its business lines in an effort to offer maximized value to patients and partners. PSW created a suite of customized operational services that deliver efficiency and consistency across value-based programs. These services can be purchased ala carte or as a package.

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