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Service 2

The cow jumped over my stars where did the rainbow giraffe go? I see it said the giraffe with pink spotted cheese talking to the man on the moon. Is there a woman on the other side of the moon light is pretty. Did you see where I put it. Yes there it is. After the day after yesterday when tomorrow is next two after that. That is on my way to take that to the bank and put it in checking on that now. I think you’re right today. Yesterday might have been when the cheese man landed on the moonbeam.

Are you going to row jump skip your hot air balloon? The paddle floated away over the rainbow. Where ther deer and the antelope run run run as fast as you can. Past the rabbit who caught up with the gold medal winner who finished last is not always least. Don’t you know. I’m cheering for the cat with the long pink tail about the deer and the jackalopes running. Who are cleaver. Did you ever see a jackalope? Who saw that. I think I can. I know I can said the train is a fast locomotive. Over the river and through the rain. Dodging all of the rain drops not falling on my heading towards the sun. “Run” skip jump as fast as you can. The gingerbread man came in first let me tell you another tale.

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